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Podcast by Michael Phillips, Los Angeles author and musician. Books, music, movies, art, culture, truth. Defying description since 2014.

Dec 3, 2016

You didn't think I'd let this presidential election pass without saying something, did you? Well, actually, I had hoped to, but the whole thing didn't exactly turn out the way a lot of us had hoped or expected, so here we are. As you may have noticed, the truth took a beating in the campaign and election. The way I see it, it took the death of the truth for Trump to triumph (try saying that five times fast), so that's what we're talking about today: how the death of the truth happens, and how those who wanted it dead carried out the murder. It's just like the NPR podcast "Serial," only it's a lot shorter and only my opinion rather than a lot of meticulous research and reporting. Otherwise it's just like it.