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Podcast by Michael Phillips, Los Angeles author and musician. Books, music, movies, art, culture, truth. Defying description since 2014.

Apr 25, 2015

I might also mention airport security, the lack of seasons in Los Angeles, VCRs, fish heads, what I would do if I was smart, the Pony Express, Mark Twain, Costco, giraffes, world travel and sitting and doing nothing.

Apr 18, 2015

Also in this action-packed episode: The Podcast Awards, what entrepreneurs do, chickens, gas stations, bars, rock concerts and room service hamburgers.

Apr 11, 2015

Why do we name things the way we do? How do we come up the terms we use every day? Language is a funny thing.

I’ll also talk about asbestos, pizza, the military, news people, ASMR, scientists, stink bugs, audiophiles (again), Dianetics, being uneducated, Deadwood, artist’s statements, belonging, communicating, and...

Apr 4, 2015

This one is about the Podcast Awards (yes, that’s a real thing), but I might also mention Carol’s art show, NMX, NAB, what conferences and trade shows really are, Las Vegas, desperation, The Rose Parade, The Webbys, Smurfs, and a few other things along the way. What can I say, my mind wanders.